1st international Staff Week Vienna


From 2nd to 5th of December the KPH Vienna/Krems hosted the 1st international Staff Week, mainly for partners in the field of KA107.

Our int. Guests from Russia, Israel, Albania, Finland and Belgium left our university with very positive memories. A special thanks on my part to all colleagues who contributed to the success of the week. The following results were worked out:

  • Submission of a Jean Monnet application on the subject of "Multi-level classes under the leadership of KPH
    Participating countries: Austria, Israel, also involving teachers of the multistage classes

  • Working on a KA107 application with Taiwan - Chaoyang University of Technology
    Focus here student internships in the field of Masters training - writing a master's thesis with comparative studies Taiwan - Austria

  • Intensive cooperation in VR religion with Moscow Pedagogical State University

    All partners are offering also student mobility to Vienna  

    Special thanks also to "my" children of the multistage class at the VS Bischof Faber Platz. Their knowledge, interest but also their positive behavior have impressed our guests of the Vienna excursion (including visit of the rectorate). The competence of our 1-semester students in the context of this lecture was also highlighted.