Since spring term 2017 the staff of the research area of interreligiosity offers a research lab that is open to colleagues of the KPH Vienna/Krems and of the Vienna University. This research lab is an open space to discuss empirical data on contemporary religious culture. Researchers can use it to present and discuss data of empirical projects (contact karsten.lehmann(at)


The Research Lab of the Summer Term 2020 unfortunately has to be cancelled - due to the COVID 19 Pandemic


Some of the project plans can be found on this website:

The ‚World’s Parliament of Religions‘ (SuTe 2019)

Parteien und Parteibildungen in Religionen (WiSe 2018/19)

Zur Vielfalt religiös affiliierter NGOs im Rahmen der Vereinten Nationen (SoSe 2018)

Religion, Populärkultur und Ökonomie (WiSe 2017/18)

Zivilreligion in den USA bei Obama und Trump (SoSe 2017)