The foundation of the University College of Teacher Education of Christian Churches in Vienna and Krems about ten years ago has proved to be a project unique in the whole of Europe. Seven churches acting as stake holders, its orientation being international, the college provides professional training facilities for teachers of specific subject areas as well as religious education. With regard to lifelong learning initial teacher training and continuous teacher training programmes are offered. Our pluralistic attitude is not only reflected in the various religious groups at the college, but also in the five campus locations spread across two provinces.

Since autumn 2016 we focus increasingly on interreligious relations, beginning integrating Muslim, ALEVI and Jewish training programmes of initial teacher education. We provide opportunities to study the diversity of Abrahamic religions and to contribute to a peaceful, pluralistic evolution of our society.

With this brochure we would like to give you a first insight into our institution. I would be very pleased if we could raise your interest in our college and in our teaching programmes. 

Mag. Dr. Christoph BERGER, MA


Information Brochure

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